4,08 €

Natural and eco-friendly toothbrush made from organic bamboo. Ideal for using natural products in every day life.

4,08 €

Organic bamboo toothbrush. A natural, ecological and effective way to obtain the perfect smile

6,50 €

White toothbrush holder, natural, practical and modern.

11,58 €

Add a touch of freshness to your morning with this natural, plant based mouthwash.

21,92 €

Discreet, practical and sanitary, the female cup has become the new essential! Already present in countries such as Canada or Scandinavian countries, they are now coming to France. We love them!

21,92 €

Discreet, practical and sanitary, the female cups have become the new "Must Have"'s! Already present in countries such as Canada or Scandinavian countries, they are now coming to France. We love them!

8,25 €

This solid deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients such as the palmarose which is an antibacterial essential oil. Much more effective than the deodorants without aluminium salts and the Alun stones, it can last as long as two sticks of deodorant!

11,50 €

Made from natural ingredients such as sugar, the 'Sugar StripEase" was is easy and pleasant to use. So natural that you can even eat it! Soft, eco-friendly and ethically made, the kit will be your hair's nightmare!

11,08 €

A baby's skin is particularly sensitive around the nappy area. This nappy cream for babies and children, protects and soothes naturally.

9,08 €

Gentle care for your baby and young children! The organic pomegranate extract, softens and moisturizes the skin whilst preventing dehydration.

9,08 €

Designed for tattooed skin the shower gel encourages skin regeneration whilst keeping skin nourished. It gently cleanses and protects the colour of the tattoo thanks to it's plant based cleaning agents.

19,08 €

To help you maintain that precious beard, this natural beard shampoo is ideal for getting rid of impurities and cleaning effectively. On top of making your beard soft, healthy and clean, this shampoo revitalizes and refreshes the skin of your face.

2,92 €

Fashion once again, the solid shampoo with lavender and tea tree scent takes care of you while bringing you a relaxing sensation during its use. Made with castor oil, its creamy foam deeply cleans your hair and scalp. 

2,92 €

Once again in style, this shampoo bar delicately scented with lavender and geranium, provides a relaxing and soothing shower experience. Made from castor oil, its gentle foam cleans and takes care of your hair and scalp.

7,08 €

Made with vegetal oils, The Cafe soap bar is a natural product made by hand. It washes away dirt, oil and makeup while leaving skin soft, never dry.

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