320,83 €

Elegant and practical, the Sophie handbag made from a new vegan leather is the ideal daily companion.

Made from 100% natural silicon, this innovative material is not only durable but isn't destructive for the environment contrary to PVC.

Color: Black

Small handle and removable strap.

Multiple different sized pockets on the inside for: 

- Telephone

- iPad Mini and other small tablets

- Various accessories (lipstick, pens...)

Handmade in the EU, each bag is unique and comes with a silver anti cruelty and vegan plaque as well as it's own serial number.

Brands bestseller and winner of the Vegan Fashion Award

Depth 26 cm
Width 30 cm
Profondeur 17 cm
Compositions Cuir Végan
Styles Classic
Colours Noir
For who ? Women
Brands Alexandra K

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